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Hey, I'm a freelance copywriter in London

Whatever your needs, I can fix those little content issues you're having but I can also start from the ground up. I'm a freelance copywriter in London with a flexible schedule, so I can work in-house or remotely (yes, there have been occasions where I've completed whole projects from my very comfy sofa). 

You can quickly get into contact to let me know about the project by emailing me. I'm known for my quick replies, so you won't be waiting long to hear back.

I've worked with some pretty amazing clients, from big corporate businesses to innovative startups and we've achieved great things together.

I’ve been a freelance copywriter in London for many years and my portfolio is so vast. I love everything words and that's because I'm a creative writer – it's literally what I do.

Who you probably are

Whether you're an established global company or a humble startup, you'll need to connect with a wider audience to grow your business. This can include improving your communication via emails, sending out compelling press releases and reaching new clients via social media. After all, you want to stay focused on your everyday tasks, right? 

That's where I come in

A little bit about me

I'm Suzie and I've been a freelance copywriter in London for six years but my experience in writing goes back way before my Creative Writing degree days. I'm a creative thinker (and a writer, obviously) and my job is to solve those tricky copy issues for you. This can include minimising the amount of text on your online site or drafting long, offbeat blog posts.

I can do it all.


Blog posts

They're not for everyone but blog posts are great for ensuring your website is loaded with fresh content.


Probably one of the most important parts – getting found on search engines! I sort out all the keywords, meta descriptions & everything else for you.

Tone of voice

As well as soaking up a brand's ToV, I am also accustomed to creating ToV documents and branding decks for clients. 


A lot of my experience has been in ecommerce and I'm someone who is always browsing the net, which is pretty vital if you want your copy to hit the right audience. 

social media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & all the rest...I've taken over clients' social media platforms and driven high engagement. 


It's not just ecommerce copywrting that I have experience in but also print (remember magazines?). 

Email marketing

Emails provide a direct way to communicate with customers, so the words we choose have to make a big impact and that's down to me.


Good copywriting is more than just a killer headline and all the right content, it's about being meticulous and never missing a thing.


How it works

Firstly, we'll need to have a chat about what you need and I'll let you know how I can make your project come to life with a strong strategy and lots of words!

I'll draft a written proposal with my initial ideas and this will include an estimated amount of time of completion too. Then we can agree all the finer details before I get started.

This is where I get creative, do lots of research and put pen to paper (or tap the keyboard). I like to send clients a first draft once I get started too. Oh, and I can work in-house or remotely. 

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