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My experience as a freelance copywriter in London has included a wide range of roles, including reporting for magazines and reshaping a brand tone of voice completely. I'll be honest, there’s no one style or particular client I prefer, as I enjoy turning my hand to everything you can imagine. At heart, I’m a creative writer and this is particularly why I feel comfortable crafting lifestyle and editorial pieces for many well-known names, as well as startup companies. SEO use is in everything I do, including product descriptions, blogs, PPC ads and social media posts. I see the importance of a social media presence across all businesses and I keep myself up to date with these practices, reflecting this when drafting such posts for clients. If you want an extensive overview of all my clients, new and old, then my LinkedIn page offers an in-depth look at each role. Otherwise, I have detailed my most recent work here. I’m available for a range of bookings and I can complete copy requests within 24 hours,

just get in touch via my contact page.  

Freelance copywriter London
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